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[Edited to add: Thanks for all of the donations, everybody! I did successfully finish the Leadville 100 MTB race on August 15th, completing the 103 mile course in 11:23 despite a flat early on putting me at the back of the pack.]


I am raising money for World Bicycle Relief (WBR), an organization providing access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles. The money raised through this fundraiser helps to provide specially designed, locally assembled bicycles to students, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs in rural Africa, connecting them with education, healthcare and economic opportunities.

I am a big fan of WBR as an ever-more-avid bicyclist. For me, bikes are a central part of my transportation - I bike to work most days, and run many local errands on my bike. I’ve done week-long bike tours where I carried most of what I needed on the bike, covering hundreds of miles in a week (pictures here and here), as well as a number of weekend bike-packing trips (I highly recommend Pigeon Point and Angel Island!). I love the sheer joy I feel in going every longer distances on my bike, allowing me to experience the world in a different way.

I learned of World Bicycle Relief (WBR) through the blogger Fat Cyclist (aka Elden Nelson), and I am excited to announce that I will be riding the Leadville 100 as part of Elden's WBR team (he has finished Leadville 17 times!). 

I am hoping to raise $5,000 this summer to support his favorite cause.  Towards that end, anything you pledge to WBR will get tripled in impact, as I will match your donation, and then request a match from Google as well. 

Thank you for your support!
Eric Nehrlich

More details on World Bicycle Relief:
It is an organization that has designed bicycles for rural African terrain and then donates them to communities, allowing healthcare workers, students and entrepreneurs to enormously extend their range and capacity. To quote a post from Elden’s wife, “By helping World Bicycle Relief provide caregivers like Theresa with bikes, they can double — if not triple — the amount of patients they can see in a day.”

In addition to providing the bikes, WBR are developing the ecosystem around the bikes, assembling the bikes in country, and training mechanics to maintain the bikes. As WBR’s website says, “This is not a bike - it’s an engine for economic and cultural empowerment.“

For the people getting a bike from WBR, it fundamentally changes their lives. For the cost of $147 (a nice dinner out), you could donate a bike to:
  • a doctor, which enables them to see 40% more patients
  • a student, who can reach school 28% more often and improve their grades by 59%
  • an entrepreneur, who can carry 5x the goods and increase their range by 4x, increasing profits by up to 50% - I’ll steal a photo from one of Fatty’s fundraising posts to illustrate just how much one of these bikes can carry Inline image 1
  • (all stats from the WBR website)
That’s why the work that World Bicycle Relief does is so impactful - bicycles are life-changing transportation options for these people.

If you believe in the power of bikes to change lives, please donate to WBR.  As part of this fundraising drive, I pledge to match your contribution. Let’s see how many people’s lives we can change by donating bicycles to these communities.

Eric Nehrlich

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