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Michael O'Brien

Dear Friends,

I want to invite you to change the world with me.  

A friend of mine once said to me, “We don’t always pick our causes – sometimes they pick us.” Well, helping African’s change their lives, change their families, and change their communities has been a cause that has picked me. It just seems fair to me that every person on this planet should be able to shape their own future and should be able to provide for their families.

As some of you know, I am training for my eighth Ride the Rockies.  However, two years ago, I wanted to do something that allowed me to make this greater than just a personal achievement, I wanted to change the world in my own small way.  As a result, I created a team for Word Bicycle Relief and together, we have raised enough money for 252 bicycles!

These 252 bicycles went to girls who, for the first times in their lives, were able to attend school. And with an education, they could set their sights far higher than mere survival – they can now dare to dream to be doctors, engineers, professors, lawyers, or policy makers. Some of these 252 bicycles when to people who heal the sick – now able to visit 12-15 patients in a day, instead of 1-3. And some of these 252 bicycles went to farmers and entrepreneurs who can now provide for their families. We radically changed the lives of 252 people - all with the help of people like you!

Why this matters: World Bicycle Relief is a brilliant charity that allows people in Africa to pull themselves out of poverty and live with dignity, while energizing entire regions.   Where you and I may view bikes in the context of recreation, they are nothing less than engines for economic and cultural empowerment in developing countries.

The best part of all is that World Bicycle Relief can provide a bicycle to someone for only $147.  That's it.   This is such a low bar that ANY AMOUNT you give will quickly add up to $147 and make a real difference in the life of someone today.

My goal may seem a little oddly specific - $3,675 - but this is the amount of money it takes to buy 25 bikes, to change 25 lives for the better.   

There are so many people out there just waiting for an AWESOME person like you to give that little push to allow them to realize their dreams.  I would like ask that you watch this very short video and consider being that person.  

Thank you!

PS: Quick stats: Ride the Rockies this year is just over 460 miles of riding with 30,000 feet of climbing in just seven days.  

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