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Lisa Nelson
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After traveling with WBR on one of their Africa Ride tours I developed a great love for the people of Zambia. I saw, firsthand, how rural Zambians struggle daily just to live!
I saw how few creature comforts the Zambian people have. They live in huts, they have no indoor plumbing or electricity, they grow their own food — and the majority have no form of transportation, save their own two legs.
Despite these hardships, the Zambian people always seem to be smiling. There is a great sense of community and love among the people.
I have seen how the addition of a bicycle can affect an entire community. As a nurse here in the United States, I can relate to the volunteer healthcare workers in the villages of rural Zambia. They are willing to sacrifice hours of their time helping others…but the majority of this time is usually spent walking from place to place. The addition of a bike can greatly affect their productivity.
As an avid cyclist and lover of all things bike related, I am excited to share the vision of WBR with other cyclists.
World Bicycle Relief is currently working to provide 50,000 bicycles to students (70% girls), teachers and educational workers in rural Zambia and Zimbabwe. For $134 we can provide a World Bicycle Relief bicycle to a student in need. Every donation helps.
What are you waiting for? Lets get rolling!

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